Membership Benefits

Advantages Our Credit Union Has Over Banks

Iowa Credit Unions have many advantages over other financial institutions. Our credit union is not-for-profit and is member-owned. Each member is an owner, not just the customer.

We have a volunteer board of directors who are members of the credit union and users of the credit union services.

Excess earnings after reserve requirements are met are applied to lower interest on loans, higher interest on savings or development of new products and services that members have requested.

We are self-governed. Each member has one vote in the election of the board of directors regardless of how much money the individual has deposited in the credit union.

Membership is comprised of only those who share a common bond, which include where they work, live or worship.

membership requirements

Anyone, who lives or works in Henry County or it’s surrounding counties (Van Buren, Lee, Jefferson, Des Moines, Washington, Louisa) and their immediate family members, are eligible to join.

You must deposit an amount of $25.00 and a $1.00 membership fee. New members can take advantage of the varied services offered by the Credit Union.